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Tackling Threats Outside of Forest Park

You've seen those trees that are covered in ivy, right? Did you know that not only does this invasive species kill trees by toppling them to the ground, but their seeds also help spread this nasty plant throughout Forest Park? Invasive plants are one of the greatest threats to the health of Forest Park.

The Forest Park Conservancy is tackling this problem head-on by working with private landowners surrounding the park. Each year, we knock on hundreds of doors with a great offer: we will remove the ivy growing up the trees on their property for free!  Working in partnership with the West Multnomah Soil and Water Conservation District (WMSWCD), we've cleared 17,000 trees of ivy.

Just imagine, 17,000 trees that had ivy growing on them five years ago now have none!

This is a key strategy in the fight to keep invasive species, especially English ivy from doing more damage. Our partnership with WMSWCD has had such a positive impact that we are looking to expand the program in the coming years. As FPC’s Program Manager, Cody Chambers, says: “everyone wins with this program. From the property owners to nature lovers to native plants and wildlife, this program is making a big difference inside and outside of Forest Park.”

If you live near Forest Park and want more information about this program, please contact Cody Chambers.


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