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I am so grateful to have Forest Park as my 5,000 acre backyard, and I have made a lot of my current friends literally on the trail.

Sometimes you will see me moving quickly down the Wildwood Trail training for a big race, and other times I am at a snail’s pace with my young daughter exploring all the wonders that this expansive park has to offer.

Many thanks to The Forest Park Conservancy for all the work that goes into maintaining this unique area.

-Yassine Diboun, ultramarathoner   


Forest Park is a way of life for many of us in the Portland region. We all know trails contribute to our physical and mental health and that they are an important part of our social fabric.                        

Winding through sensitive wildlife habitat, Forest Park trails connect Portland to its urban wilderness.


The Forest Park Conservancy helps Portland Parks & Recreation maintain safe, accessible trails and enhance park user experience.


Our Accomplishments

With the help of 1,117 volunteers and 8 interns, The Forest Park Conservancy drained, cleared and raked 60 miles of Forest Park trails last year. That's a 12% increase from 2012!

Our Goals

On top of annual maintenance, The Forest Park Conservancy trail crew devotes its summer to much needed trail repair. 


2014 Project Highlights:

  • Increase safety and improve drainage along four miles of Wildwood Trail.
  • Improve way finding on Maple Trail (Forest Park’s second longest trail).
  • Reroute 0.25 miles of Alder Trail. 


To implement these special projects, we also need boots on the ground.                                                            

Project Cost ($20,000) + Seasonal Crew Cost ($25,000) = Total Cost $45,000  

Help reach our goals and raise $45,000!   





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