Tales From The Trails:

Red-legged Frogs Cross Highway 30

The northern red-legged frog is a state listed species of concern that resides in Forest Park. In January 2013, at least 70 red-legged frogs fatally attempted to cross NW Harborton Drive and Highway 30 in search of suitable breeding habitat. This year, concerned citizens and multiple agencies are joining forces to help prevent further mortality among this already limited population.  

In a combined effort, staff and volunteers from the Forest Park Conservancy, the Linnton Community, Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife (ODFW), the City of Portland's Bureau of Environmental Services (BES), and other partners are, in fact, helping frogs cross the road. On Sunday evening, January 12th, the watchers of NW Harborton Drive saw this month’s largest red-legged frog migration and leaped into action.  

“We gave 76 or so of them a little car ride, saving them from having to cross two small roads, a four-lane highway, a railroad track, and a blackberry thicket. By the time we released them at the wetland, almost all of the females had found a little friend who was holding on for dear life.” - Jane Hartline 

Thanks to all the caring individuals who spared these frogs an impossible journey and continue to keep watch at the edge of Forest Park.   


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