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Public Awareness Campaign

The Forest Park Public Awareness Campaign announced last month is now hitting the streets. Created for The Forest Park Conservancy by Portland ad agency BPN, the campaign celebrates the passion that Forest Park evokes and encourages fans to show their love.

Last year, The Forest Park Conservancy officially launched the Greater Forest Park Conservation Initiative (GFPCI), a road map for the long-term protection and restoration of the Greater Forest Park Ecosystem. Now with this plan in place, it is time to act. The Forest Park Public Awareness Campaign reminds us why and shows us how. 

Keep an eye out for the ads, which are already popping up in the Willamette Week and on billboards along Highway 26! This fun and exciting campaign will help The Forest Park Conservancy restore the ecological health of Forest Park. We hope you will spread the word and support our efforts. 

Special thanks goes to our incredible media partners: 1859 Magazine, Alpha Broadcasting, Clear Channel, Digital One, the Willamette Week, and Total Outdoor for understanding the importance of this work. Thank you Pete Stone (photographer), Kat Harrington and James Carey (voice), and all the ad models (real-life Forest Park fans) for donating your time and talent to this campaign.

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