Tales From The Trails:

Protecting Forest Park's Ecosystem

Here in Portland, we care about clean water, clean air and what can be done to combat climate change.

And that means doing everything we can to foster healthier ecosystems. The term ecosystem refers to the connection of all living things and the natural systems that support them – plants, trees, animals, fish, birds, water, soil and people.

Forest Park is truly an amazing and diverse ecosystem. When it’s healthy, it contributes to better water and air quality and helps combat the effects of climate change. The Forest Park ecosystem supports wildlife, native habitat, and cools the environment. While international initiatives such as the Paris Climate Agreement are tackling climate change from a global perspective, we can do our part right here at home by protecting and restoring places like Forest Park.

That’s why the Greater Forest Park Conservation Initiative (GFPCI) is at the heart of everything the Forest Park Conservancy does. This huge undertaking is designed to not only restore Forest Park’s ecosystem back to health through strong public and private partnerships, but also its surrounding natural area totaling 15,000 acres.

"By working together as a community, we can have a significant impact on Portland's environment," said FPC's Executive Director, Renee Myers. "We are leading this 20-year initiative to ensure we have a healthy city in which to live and work for future generations."

Restoring 15,000 acres is a big goal, but it’s essential to the health and future of our environment. With your help, we make a major difference in improving the well-being our region’s precious ecosystems. Find out more about the GFPCI and ways you can get involved today.

Learn more about the GFPCI and get involved today!

If you want to support our work, please consider making a donation today. Your gift will ensure our success!


Photo caption: This image shows Forest Park and the surrounding land which is the last forested property in the Portland metro area. You can see how Forest Park connects to the Coast Range making it a critical migration path for native animals. Much of this land comprises the greater Forest Park ecosystem.


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