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The Forest Park Conservancy supports Outdoor School for All

We’re proud of the work we do. Rallying volunteers and restoring Forest Park back to health, all while protecting it for the future. But look deeper and you’ll see that that the long-term welfare of Forest Park really relies on two fundamental things: education and inspiration. 

We see the value of education and inspiration at work all the time. Treasuring a place like Forest Park means first understanding it. It calls for learning how its fragile ecosystem works, the threat it faces and the care it needs. It means appreciating that the forest is home to an abundance of different species, plants and natural resources. It’s having the knowledge that the health of our environment–our water, our air, our planet–is directly connected to the well-being of ourselves and our communities. 

More often than not, we witness how knowledge then transforms into inspiration. Those who discover the mysteries of the forest become drawn to it. It becomes a place for them to explore further, discover more and challenge themselves through outdoor activities and recreation. That passion often takes root and grows deeper. Those who know and love it are more likely to want to help in its care and protection. They become our volunteers, our stewards, our advocates. They give back, and in return, their lives are enriched through a stronger connection to the natural world.

We believe there’s never been a more important time to teach and inspire the next generation. That’s why we are supporting the Outdoor School for All effort, a grassroots initiative working to ensure this beloved outdoor education program with a long history in the state is available for fifth and sixth graders statewide. Along with other industry and environmental leaders like the Outdoor Industry Association, KEEN, Columbia Sportswear, the Audubon Society, Hoyt Arboretum and so many others, we’re proud to support the effort. As anyone who loves Oregon and the outdoors knows, the future depends on it.

Sign the Outdoor School for All online petition and learn how to get involved.


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