Tales From The Trails:

Firelane 4: A Welcome Detour

Looking for a local hike that's a little off the beaten path? This 3-mile Forest Park loop hike has it all - low foot traffic, lush forest, and scenic views. 

Thanks to our Thursday morning volunteers, Firelane 4 (between Maple Trail and Leif Erikson Drive) has been cleared for your hiking pleasure. If hiking up this steep fireline, be sure to stop and turn around every once and awhile. If not to catch your breath, then to admire the view.

Start: Lower Saltzman Trailhead

Get There: Head west on NW Saltzman Road from Highway 30/NW St. Helens Road. Follow the road uphill until it dead ends at the park gate.

Hike Directions: 

  • Head north on Saltzman Road toward Maple Trail (~0.33 mi). 
  • Turn left on Maple Trail toward Firelane 4 (0.48 mi). 
    • Lush forest, dominated by Big Leaf Maples
  • Turn right on Firelane 4 and climb the hill (0.21 mi). 
    • Eastern views of North Portland and beyond
  • Turn right on Leif Erikson Drive (0.83 mi)
    • Be on the lookout for Barred Owls. 
  • Turn right on Saltzman Road and hike back to trailhead (~1.14 mi).
    • Picnic table at this intersection

Total Distance: about 3 miles

This route detours the failed Maple Bridge located farther south on Maple Trail. If approved by voters on November 4, the 2014 Parks Replacement Bond promises to rebuild this bridge and reopen all of Maple Trail. In the meantime, enjoy the detour. It's not half bad.


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