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Fall Day of Stewardship: A time to celebrate and give back to Forest Park

On Saturday, October 1st, the Forest Park Conservancy will be hosting our Fall Day of Stewardship, our largest volunteer work party to restore Forest Park each year. For me, this year’s Fall Day of Stewardship has a special meaning because it’s the first time I’ll be participating as FPC’s Volunteer & Outreach Coordinator. 

I first visited Forest Park as a school kid with my parents. Like many first time visitors, we entered at the popular trailhead where Thurman Street dead ends and becomes Leif Erikson. The first thing I noticed was how vast the forest felt, like I was far away hiking on a remote trail.

On that first hike in Forest Park, I was moved by the sound of the wind in the bare trees, followed by the spatter of raindrops as wet limbs were shaken. Winter birds were chirping and flitting away up in the canopy, and a profound quiet that's not normal in the city made me realize, even at that young age, that this was a special place.

As we hiked back down to the car, a distant deep "BOOM" cut through the air. Looking downhill, I could see small glimpses of dirty white and grey buildings through the trees. The train tracks were barely visible through the bushes and as the wind changed the sound of far away traffic floated up to invade the quiet forest. I remember feeling sad, because my vision of this wilderness was being interrupted by the sounds of the city, yanking me back into reality.

But as I've grown older, I have realized that rather than focusing on the negative feelings of leaving the woods and re-entering the world of cars and buildings, I should be thankful I was able to get away from it in the first place and experience the tranquil beauty of a forest so close to home. Now, what I feel is gratitude that we have a place like Forest Park.

We are so lucky to have a forest this size, literally within the heart of the city. It has taken dedication from many people over the years to preserve this park, to steward the ecosystem and to maintain trails for us to enjoy. I am honored to be a part of these efforts, and I love the Day of Stewardship because it’s a big, fun event, that brings everyone together to celebrate this amazing place.

What better way to enter this fall season than with a big "thank you" to Forest Park? I hope you will join me at this year’s Fall Day of Stewardship on October 1st.


Fall Day of Stewardship
Saturday, October 1, 2016
9:00 am - 12:00 pm

Uproot Invasive Weeds

Repair and Maintain Trails

Restore Forest Park and Rejoice!

After the work party, join us for free lunch, free t-shirts, and raffle prizes! All ages are welcome.

Click here to sign up!

Questions about volunteering? Contact Guy Maguire at guy@forestparkconservancy.org or call 503-223-5449, ext 106.



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