Tales From The Trails:

Everyone Loves a Loop

Forest Park is bursting with life right now. Streams are gushing, ferns are popping and wrens are singing. This winter, don't be afraid to bundle up and hit the trails.

Here's one lovely loop that has it all. This 4-mile hike takes you down a steep Firelane 7 to Forest Park's scenic Wildwood Trail. On the way back to the trailhead, be prepared for an uphill climb on Sprinville Road.

Trails: Firelane 7, Wildwood Trail, Springville Road
Difficulty: Moderate

Start from the Springville Road/Firelane 7 Trailhead, accessible from NW Skyline Blvd. From Skyline, head east on Springville Road for about 1100 feet until it dead ends at the trailhead.

Hike Directions (4 miles)

  1. From the gated trailhead, stay right to continue on Firelane 7. (0.86 miles)
  2. Turn left onto Wildwood Trail. (2.89 miles)
  3. Turn left onto Springville Road and return to trailhead. (0.33 miles)

Click here for a complete Forest Park trail map or download the app.

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