Tales From The Trails:

ESCO Workmanship in Forest Park

ESCO is a steel manufacturing company that neighbors Forest Park, and like any good neighbor, ESCO wanted to lend a helping hand. On Earth Day, Tuesday, April 22nd, 76 ESCO employees joined forces with The Forest Park Conservancy to make a difference in Forest Park. Volunteers divided across three project sites focusing on trail repair, bridge construction, and invasive ivy removal.

ESCO Earth Day Highlights 

Wild Cherry Team: Trail Repair 

Even when rain poured from the sky in buckets, no wheelbarrow was ever left idle. 

  • Hauled 5 tons of rock to repair Wild Cherry Trail 
  • Installed 95 feet of turnpike lumber 
  • Reset an exposed culvert 

Maple Team: Boardwalk to Bridge Conversion 

Many ESCO engineers, eager for a problem to solve, gravitated to the bridge project and quickly took ownership of the task. 

  • Disassembled and removed rotting boardwalk on Maple Trail 
  • Hauled in 90 feet of bridge stringers 
  • Constructed bridge frame 
  • Graveled 320 feet of Maple Trail 
  • Installed new Maple Trail sign 

Holman Team: Invasive Ivy Removal 

One ESCO employee transformed invasive ivy into art through her creative arrangement of uprooted vines. 

  • Saved 45 trees from ivy 
  • Cleared 4,200 square feet of ground ivy 


ESCO Earth Day volunteers took special pride in their work, the results of which will live on in Forest Park for many years to come. Thank you, ESCO, for serving your neighborhood park! Come back anytime.    

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