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Two measures for Our Environment Pass!

We are so excited a the passage of Ballot Measure 99 and 26-178. Now, our outdoor schools will be funded and Metro will have resources to continue their work preserving land in region. Measure 99 dedicates $22 million in lottery funds annually to provide outdoor school to every middle school student in Oregon. Outdoor education has been an Oregon tradition for over 50 years—yet today only about half of all Oregon students have the opportunity to participate in outdoor education programs. Raising the next generation to be active, appreciate the outdoors and discover the wonders of nature is a smart long-term investment. Outdoor School helps foster a sense of responsibility, stewardship and connection to the land for the future.

Measure 26-178 preserves our region’s legacy of protecting natural areas and water quality, restoring fish and wildlife, and connecting people with nature. Voters in the Metro Region will be asked to renew the 2013 parks and natural areas levy this November, helping to protect 17,000 acres of parks, trails and natural areas without raising taxes.




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