Join the Forest Park Loyalty Circle

Forest Park is a gift handed down to us by a dedicated group of community leaders who saw the park as a place to be preserved and protected for the future. Those of us who spend time in Forest Park—the walking and hiking clubs, the thousands of runners, dog walkers and cyclists, even the animals inhabiting the canopy and understory—all benefit from the hard work and generosity of these early heroes of Forest Park.

Now, it is our turn to make sure the park is still here for future generations, which is why we’ve created the Forest Park Loyalty Circle. Members of the Forest Park Loyalty Circle commit to making an annual gift to the Conservancy of at least $250.00 for three years. 

By doing so, you will be part of a community of loyal, sustaining donors to Forest Park, while also improving the Conservancy’s ability to better plan for the future.

To become a member of the Forest Park Loyalty Circle, email Kady Davis or call her at 503-223-5449, ext. 101.

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