Lichen Loop: Exploring Lichens as Indicators of Air Quality

Date: 25-Feb-2017
Capacity: 25 (88% booked)


Join us for a walk in Forest Park with PSU Biology PhD Student Hannah Prather. Hannah will be sharing her research from the Portland Metro area including her tree canopy lichen studies and what those studies are telling us about our regional air quality. Because many people missed the first walk with Hannah in December due to the snow-storm, we are so excited that Hannah offered to lead another hike!

Hannah will also teach us the basics of understanding lichens and how to identify a few of the more common macrolichen species in the field, including species which can be used as bioindicators of air quality. 

When: Saturday, February 25th. 9 am to 12 pm

Where: Upper MacLeay Trailhead on NW Cornell (Where the Wildwood Trail crosses Cornell Rd just below the Audubon Society)

There is a parking lot on the north side of the road. Carpooling is encouraged. You can also hike up from the Lower MacLeay Parking lot, which is about 1.5 mile down the trail, and has bus access. Hannah will take us for a 1.5 mile walk up towards Pittock Mansion, an area where she gathered data for her research. 

If you have them, feel free to bring guidebooks, hand lens, and magnifying glass. Also, bring your field notebooks and cameras to make notes and capture pictures of what we find.

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